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Eight Ways to Drum Up Business in July

In the heat of July, being cool is so important, and when the Florida sun is heating everything up, most businesses are lukewarm at best.

So how can we say cool (metaphorically) in a season that gives no relief in sight?

Here are eight ideas to help generate business and take advantage of slower times during the month of July.

1. Training. When business slows, it’s a logical time to offer cross-training to your employees. This is beneficial to both you as a business owner and your employees. It is always wise to cross-train employees to do multiple jobs so that when the busy season is back, more people have the capability to get the jobs done. Cross-training also motivates employees and provides professional growth.

2. Catch up with customers. The off seasons, like July, is a great time to call and schedule appointments with existing clients to review any potential jobs or services they may need or perhaps never thought they needed. With a little luck and schmoozing this may translate into selling opportunities.

3. Consider coupons-carefully. Coupons can entice customers, depending on how well your marketing works. It may not be the ideal way to do business all the time, but coupons can serve a function, especially for repeat customers. Use coupons judiciously; be careful not to give your products or services away, leaving you little profit. Make the focus on building your brand…Not selling it cheap. It may not generate immediate calls, but it will potentially bring in long-term business.

4. Make ‘happy calls.’ Slow times are the perfect time to catch up on follow-ups, old estimates and to make “happy calls”. Check in with your customers, see if they were content with their previous products or services. Consider scheduling a lunch date to give personal attention to special and long-time clients. Customer service focused on customer satisfaction and loyalty can help drive business even when things are at a standstill.

5. Diversify. The easiest way for your company to grow is to add another product or service to what you are already doing. Take the time to evaluate the industry, see what is trending and what’s hot. Technology is always a big factor, so if your website, for instance, is not up to par or not easy to navigate or just doesn’t exist, now is the perfect time to fix or create one as you introduce a new product or service. Don’t become overwhelmed, Johnson Printing can help with all thing’s web, just give us a call. Diversity in services is crucial for growing a healthy company.

6. Keep Marketing. When things are slow and money is not flowing the way you would like, the thought of spending money can be a “tough chew”. But the reality is… this is the perfect time to dig in your wallet for some marketing cash! The importance of marketing for your business makes the customers aware of your products or services, engages them, and helps them make the buying decision. Furthermore, a marketing plan, a part of your business plan helps in creating and maintaining demand, relevance, and reputation. Design a new brochure, update your signage, revamp your website, and don’t forget to include social media posts. You can never market too much. It will usually pay for itself with only one large job. And remember, Johnson Printing is always here to help with all your Marketing needs.

7. Network at Trade Shows and Events. One of the best ways to drum up business in July, or any other month, is to go to local events related to your business and network with people in your community. If your business community knows about what you do and how it differs from the competition, they will be able to refer clients to you.

8. Give credit where credit is due. When your employees achieve great results for your organization, recognize their accomplishments in front of the whole team and reward them for their effort. Be sure to look beyond the obvious (new deals, new contracts, or a huge sale) and identify other areas such as a new money saving idea, new time saving procedures or even something as simple as reorganizing an area. These types of things are also worthy of recognition. Remember to listen to their ideas, there are no dumb ideas when it comes to brainstorming to drum up business. Respect and recognition will incentivize your team to go the extra mile for your company. After all, there is nothing more fulfilling than feeling appreciated at work. This will ultimately encourage others to work hard and before you know it, sales will be up again.

Most importantly when things are slow, keep your cool. Don’t Stress over things you can’t change, instead do your best cognitive and creative work. If you, yourself also start to slow down just a bit, you’ll have time to ease the pressure and let your ideas simmer until they’re ready to emerge. This will save you from panicking and trying to drum up business inefficiently. You might be amazed at how much time you actually have to plan and research your next strategic move. And as always, Johnson Printing is here to help you with any of your web, marketing, graphics, and printing needs. Good luck and Great July sales!!!

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