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Springtime Social Media Marketing Ideas

Springtime in Florida is one of the most beautiful times of year!

The perfect weather makes it a popular time for being outdoors. Visitors flock to Florida’s beaches and parks to soak up the rays and breathe in the fresh air. Hiking trails, fishing spots, and other activities become super popular!

For Florida residents, springtime is an exciting time to take advantage of the potential business growth this special season has to offer.

If you have a business, why not channel the energy of springtime and shine some light on your social media?

Here are a few ideas to spring into action and help your business grow on social media:

Go outside!

Whether we work from home, the office, or a combination of both, none of us get out enough during business hours. There is something about the season of rebirth that makes us all crave to be outside, even if we live in the sunshine state year-round. As Floridians, we have an opportunity to share photos and stories from many different outdoor adventures – this can help to show followers that there are real people behind the business. So go ahead and photograph some wildflowers, palm trees and of course the beach. Try using images of flowers blooming as a metaphor for new starts.

Renew energy.

Spring is all about new starts. Chances are your followers are starting afresh too. Use your social channels to encourage new clients to connect with you. Design your posts to draw new clients to begin to work with your business. Try suggesting new ways of doing old things – a good infographic can help you simplify your message in an eye-catching way.

Host an ON-LINE Easter Egg hunt…

Jump on the Easter bandwagon and get your followers hunting. For example: Easter eggs in pictures, a word of the day or an online scavenger hunt with a springtime theme. We all love a good game – brainstorm with your team and think of ways to create a buzz on social media!

Spring Cleaning!

Spring clean your own social channels. This is a great way to get all your ducks in a row. Get rid of unused accounts, update your profile pics and cover photos to incorporate a spring theme.

What about your followers? If spring cleaning is a relevant theme, use it to your advantage and create useful content they’ll want to read, watch and share.

Conduct a Giveaway

Giveaways are a brilliant way create engagement with your target audience and a spring-themed giveaway could be just the boost your social media needs this spring. Your customers will be excited and engaged with your social channels by commenting on posts, checking your page for updates, and sharing your posts with others.

The hardest part a giveaway is deciding what to give away. A good option could be a free meal for your restaurant, a gift card, ect. It all depends on the business you have. Remember to offer a service or product you sell and hopefully this will leave them wanting more from you.

Lots of Businesses outsource their social media

If this blog has spiked your imagination but you’re not sure how to put your ideas into practice, we can help. Our social media experts at Johnson Printing support a wide variety of businesses and we’ll find the social media support that’s right for you. Contact us to learn more.


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