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Updated: Feb 7, 2023

With February being the month of Love, we feel it is apropos that we talk about how you can love your business again. Starting a business can feel like falling in love, exciting, and new. However, after the schmoopy stage subsides and reality sets in, you often discover that not everything about managing a business is so special. There will be things you don’t like to do, duties you find boring, technical difficulties that grate on your every nerve and clients who will challenge you.

Unfortunately, being a small business owner isn’t all flowers and Lindt chocolate truffles!

Thankfully, however, you can relight the flame for your business after the honeymoon is over by making a few easy changes in how you work and think. Below are a few tips to help you falling in love again with your small business.

1. Delegate...Delegate...Delegate

Consider using an employee or outside company who is capable of doing some of your tasks that are time-consuming and undesirable to you. So, if entering expenses in the books or proofreading spreadsheets brings you down and gives you a frown, lighten your load by giving the responsibility to an employee or vendor. Johnson Printing is always here to help you with marketing, websites, social media, and any printing needs. Just reach out to us. We are here to help.

2. Streamline the process

How are you managing your employees? Identify where your productivity hits roadblocks. Then, brainstorm with your team to discover tools that can improve workflow for better results and less confusion.

3. Take time to work on your small business

You need to set time aside not only to do the work, but also to make a plan. No matter how small or large your business, you need to look at the big picture, identify goals and objectives, and create a guide help you on the road toward success. We recommend scheduling time on your calendar, weekly, to review your plan and check your progress toward achieving your goals.

4. Join a professional networking group

Socializing face to face with inspiring entrepreneurs and professionals always motivates! Energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Mix, mingle, and revive your business drive and determination.

5. Find new opportunities

If you can, add new team members or promote your existing staff to higher positions. New opportunities, whether you’re on the receiving or giving end, can recharge your batteries like nothing else.

6. Remind yourself of the good stuff

When you’re in a bit of loveless relationship with your business, put forth the effort to remember the positive aspects of entrepreneurship. Make a list of what you’re grateful for.

Don’t give up, if you’re not currently feeling fondness for your business like you used to. Although the spark of adoration may have dimmed as you face the day-in-day-out realities and challenges of entrepreneurship, all is not lost. With a little effort, adjustments, and patience, you can revive your affection and keep your love alive.


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