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Even in a technology era where social media, videos, and email marketing seem to be all the rave, every business still needs high-quality printed materials that exude the essence of their brand.

Leveraging those tangible, promotional pieces will enrich your marketing, positioning you for success in both your offline and online strategies. They’re obviously beneficial at live events but can also be converted into digital formats to bolster your inbound tactics and campaigns. Investing in printed marketing materials will give you the competitive edge you need to make a lasting impression on your audience.

The good news is that printing high-quality materials are more affordable than ever, allowing you to stretch that marketing budget a little further.

Two-Sided Business Cards

Your business card speaks volumes about your brand and is perhaps the most important marketing tool for in-person encounters. Using quality paper, a gloss finish, and an amiable attitude, you can deliver memorable experiences that keep you top of mind when the opportunity arises to contact your company.

Consider the backside of your card as real estate to add even more value by highlighting more of your services or extending your sales pitch. You won’t have to cram everything on the front, so you can make better use of your space and brand message. You’ll boost business as prospects retain your cards longer and implement your call-to-action—a win-win for both parties! And don’t forget a professional developed logo to provide brand identity.

Product Or Service Fact Sheet

A handy fact sheet that illustrates the features, benefits, and value of your products or services is an incredibly useful resource for promoting your brand and growing your business. These can be issued at booths or trade shows or in face-to-face meetings with potential customers. You can even upload them to your blog as an optimized post for search ranking.

During the creative process, consider the following elements to include on your sheet:

  • Your product or service’s function and value

  • Distinctive features that set your product or service apart from the competitors’

  • A comparison to similar products or services on the market

  • A statement about quality and reliability

  • Cost comparisons

  • Give social proof, sharing quick customer testimonials or case studies to boost credibility

Bold, Branded Banner Displays

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 68% of B2B and 59% of B2C marketers leverage live events as part of their content strategy. In-person events have an amazing impact on potential customer engagement with opportunities to gain new leads, generate on-the-spot sales, and build excitement about new product releases.

Stand out with your logo and message using a bold, branded banner. There are a plethora of banner types to choose from, including the popular table banners. Yet, you can really capture attention and pull in the masses with banner displays that stand several feet high, literally separating you from the other vendors. These banners expand your booth upward, allowing you to capitalize on your space and the crowd.

Simple Info Cards

While at your live events, it’s vital that you capture your visitors’ information to grow your leads list and stay connected with them long after the event ends. Money is left on the table when you have guests approach your booth, engage with your team with questions and interest, and then simply leave with your business card and/or product sheet.

You must find creative ways to obtain your prospect’s contact details so they become subscribers and can be nurtured through your marketing funnel. Info cards are the best way to track your leads so you can follow up with them later.

Although the customer is giving the card right back to you, it’s still important that you represent your brand by using quality stock paper and displaying your logo and brand messaging on your info card.

Loyalty Cards

Are you ready to foster repeat business? The major advantages of using loyalty cards in your marketing strategy is that it gets customers excited to come back and boosts retention rates, thereby improving your bottom-line. If you want to make this year profitable, incorporate a rewards system with loyalty cards.

Here are a few ways to use loyalty cards for business growth:

  • Use the back of your business card as your loyalty card. Customers will keep it longer, holding onto it to receive their incentive.

  • Customers can accumulate points for every purchase from your company. Depending on how many purchases are needed to obtain your reward, create check boxes or stamps of your logo that represent a purchase. For example, once they’ve reached 10 check marks or stamps, they earn a reward.

  • Insert them with your customers’ orders to boost awareness.

Colorful Flyers

Flyers are a simple and effective marketing material that every business needs. With brilliant designing, this time-tested, cost-efficient tool remains to be one of the best ways to publicize an upcoming event, promote a new product or service, offer discounts to new customers, or announce a grand opening. As with your other promotional pieces, the key is to use high-quality paper that wows your recipients and compels them to read your message.

Leverage this simple tactic along with your other marketing strategies to increase exposure and bring more awareness to your brand. Everyone on your team can get involved handing out your colorful flyers!

Print materials are valuable assets to any successful small-business marketing plan and can perfectly complement your online marketing. Use these suggested printed materials to accelerate business growth and build your audience. You’ll be amazed at the impact these pieces have in an ever-evolving digital world.

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